Monday, June 6, 2011

my thoughts about saturday's show

everyone was awesome, the atmosphere ive expirenced at the DAAC has been consistently fun and amazing. ive begun to look forward to the next show everytime i go down there.......anyways im gonna get to the bands....procession were the first to play and played 4 or 5 songs....this  was probably one of their last michigan shows in  a while since one of their members are movoing to NY and britty is moving to ann any case they were great, i hate to say anything remotely negative about this band because they play such achingly beautiful music and i love the fuck out of them, but it sounded like they were rehearsing in a garage, the sound just didnt seem to be as full as it could have been.....but thats nitpicking on my part, they ruled overall and i HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone reading this blog to go and see them on their current tour (if i had the money, id follow this band like hippies follow the grateful dead)

heres a few procession/caulfield tour dates that i know of:

6.6.11 Astabula, OH @ West End 2153 EARLY SHOW w/ Procession
6.6.11 Cleveland, OH @ Tower 2012 LATE SHOW w/ Procession
6.7.11 pittsburgh, pa @ Helter Shelter w/ Procession, Heartless and Code Orange Kids
6.8.11 buffalo, ny @ Sugar City w/ Procession
6.9,11 syracuse, ny @ badlands w/ Procession
6.11.11 allston, ma @ Butcher Shop w/ Procession
6/14  DC  @ Asefu's - PROCESSION (mi), GEFFIKA (chicago), FORDISTS
6.15.11 charlotte, NC @ the milestone
6.19.11 - Louisville, KY @ Tyler's House w/ Procession
6.20.11 - Carbondale, IL @ TBA w/ Procession

they will also be playing in florida and probably georgia/tenessee/south carolina/ virginia/ect, just keep an eye out for the dates/flyers......

caulfield was up next and played some loud intense dark crusty hardcore with grind and post rock tendencies.........maybe the loudest band ive seen in 5 years or so.........even louder than gaza (and that band is fucking loud) their vocalist, (the short bearded dude whos name i didnt get) is an awesome dude who gave me their full length free after i told him i drove 400 miles to see the show (i actually did!) a month ago i'd never heard of caulfeild, now i cant get emough of their shit........their on tour with procession and beartrap and you need to see them.....

beartrap was the third band o the night and was basically everyone in caulfield with the beartrap singer singing....he told me the rest of the band couldnt go on tour so he called up caulfield to see if they would play the beartrap songs with him.........worked out brutal a shirt, maybe next time, i will be able to see this band with all members intact and see if their as good as the all-caulfield version.

up after them were truth inside who were from panama city florida and played energetic positive youth crew style hardcore...their singer kept bouncing around like he had springs in his nikes and the basssist kept "knee jumping" like he was in a strife photo or some shit...i got half bodied, half drop kicked by some huge dude in a gorilla biscuits not complaining though, as the dude next to me got completely obliterated by the same dude.......this led to some post-show drama between said huge dude and some girl who didnt take kindly to his style of dancing (which is understandable) anyways, they were positive and taked alot about unity n shit..........not blazing any new trails, but not horrible either.......

lastly damages set up and....well.....did some damage (alot of it to my exposed eardrums, lolz) they were a suprise to me as id never seen them before.........of course its been 8 years since i kept track of what was going on in grand rapids so what do i know about whats good or not down there.......anyways they played nice loud, fast and ugly hardcore......i hope to get further acquainted with the burgeoning scene down there and maybe make some lasting connections........ill be down on the 28th so if any of you grand rapids kids are reading this, come up and say hi!

i always leave a show with a euphoric feeling, unfortunatly, its soon replaced by the sudden realization that im stepping back into my crappy life on the drive home, followed by a post show mini depression.....maybe its the fact that i live in a place thats so far removed from whats going on downstate and i dont get to take part in it as much as id like to.......anyways leave me comments......

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