Wednesday, June 1, 2011

aghast/tekken split cd (2001)

so here's a review i did or the original michigan hardcore (hosted on the (now long defunct) plus/minus records website) messageboard back in 2002, i don't think my reviewing style has changed much in 9 years, but its fun to take a look back...its kinda funny to think ive been doing this on and off since 1998.....anyways two french bands i was really into back then......they both don't really hold up for me now, but im sure theres someone reading this who will appreciate the sounds...

(Michigan Hardcore webzine, 2002 | U$A)
"AGHAST/ TEKKEN " s/t " - mcd (aspidistra/ weewee)
2 french bands team up for an unlikely split, Aghast brings 2 songs of amazing emotive hardcore (think Jasmine and other classic french emo bands with a hint of something heavier, maybe since by man or something like that) while Tekken sound like the french version of Mk Ultra, fast grinding, and very very sloppy, both bands are good, but i personally lean towards the aghast stuff so if you like powerful and emotive or just like it fast and messy, id recommend this cd."

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