Sunday, June 19, 2011

malakhai/shanara split (2000)

this was a split between two rather obscure bands of the late 90s, malakhai, from lansing michigan and shanara from somewhere in germany.  malakhai  were a band i can vouch for as being really fucking good, having seen them live a couple times.....tight pissed metallic hardcore with a drummer who loves his doublebass peddle.......shanara are kinda the same, but with a slightly higher end/emoish sound and somewhat tinny sounding drums. they remind me alot of the italian band to die for who were doing the same thing around the same time.  pretty typical late 90s metellic mosh, equal parts chug and dischordance.  it was a time when bands were making the transition from the older chugging mosh sound of the  early-mid 90s to the tech/mathy metal sound that would become prominent from the early 2000s onward. both bands play their chosen styles well and even though im a bit more partial to malakhai for being the familiar locals, shanara are/were definatly no slouches either.........

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  1. Could be a rumor... but malakhai is going back into the studio to record at least one song. The song would have been the opening track of their lp in 2000 that would have been released during their European tour.