Sunday, June 27, 2010

pinehurst kids "7

portland's  pinehurst kids are/were one of those fun sunnyday indie rock bands that youd love to listen to in your car with the windows down, sun shining, blue skies, pedal to the metal 75 mph down 1-75 (or maybe the pacific coast highway for all you cali/west coast readers). just catchy memorable stuff.........this "7 hits me right in that sweetspot......"dumb enough" is an absolute masterpiece of that kind of rock, but with just the right pinch of  a wistful melodramatic feel that just intensifies my love for this tune all that much of the treepeople/halo benders/acrobat down will dig the shit out of this...(their a bit more bouncy and "kool-aid" than those bands but close enough) their lps are all good to and expect to see more fro mthis band pop up on here in the near future......

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