Monday, June 28, 2010

IRM "oedipus dethroned" (2000)

im posting this because this was the "band" (maybe "unit" or "outfit" would be better terms when discussing noise/ambient/power electronics)along with the grey wolves and institut that turned me onto the whole power electronics thing  10 years or so ago. to this day id have to say that this is my favorite record from that genere of music....just creepy, terrifying and amazing, things i cant say about stuff like merzbow or much of the rest of the japanese groups who do this (though i havent heard the whole merzbow collection so maybe i should withhold judgement on that, but still, his stuff dosent affect me like IRM does.) kind of thing. anyways IRM consist o two individuals, martin bladh and erik jarl (who does some really good dark ambient stuff on his own) and hail from norkoping sweden, they know how to construct harsh abrasive soundscapes without it feeling like someone shoved a power drill up your ear canal (though i guess thats the point for alot of noise "outfits") they are experts at layering sounds over eachother and creating something that is brutal and sometimes repetitive but almost always enjoyable.....that they use (harsh) vocals and actual lyrics is another plus in their corner as it adds more direction to the music........if i had to recommend one album from this genere, this would be the one. they hve alot of material out and id recommend checking out all of it.

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