Friday, June 11, 2010

kevorkian "who is who?" "7 (1999)

more czech goodness from the late 90s...........kevorkian are/were a break from what im used to hearing czech bands sound huge epic tunes like lvmen/thema eleven/gnu here, just very harsh, frantic metallic hardcore with more than a touch of death n roll.........this "7 in itself is a departure in sound for kevorkian, whos first "7 was much more in line with all the "emo" stuff that was happening in the mid 90s......this is probably my favorite release from this band...their cd that came later was way too metal in a bad way and their earlier stuff, while very good, lacked the frantic crazy energy this record has....anyways have a listen to an era when the czech republic had a pretty amazing scene and bands that put out pretty amazing records.....

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