Monday, June 21, 2010

paul newman "machine is not broken"

the third full length from this austin/chicago/nyc band....recorded in 2000. a masterpiece of near instrumental rock.....flawless, magnificent, awesome, too many adjectives to cram in before it gets tedious. similar to tristeza but i would have to say this album is superior to anything that band has done. im not sure why, but this album got some bad reviews when it came out, i guess maybe because the late 90s-early 2000's were crammed full of bands playing this kind of sleepy, mathy instrumental stuff and paul newman kinda got lost in the shuffle. now hardly anyone is playing this kind of stuff and maybe thats why it hits me even harder. i slept on this record for years and have only recently discovered the level of  awesome contained within these tracks. hopefully you will too.

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  1. music to sleep with - gonna be checked for sure :) half visconte EP is doing the job since your post hehe.