Thursday, June 10, 2010

gaza "i dont care where i go when i die"

so im sure youve probably seen this record on multiple other blogs or have heard this record by now......well im posting it again! of all the bands in the "new breed" of metal hardcore to have formed in the last 7-8 years gaza (IMO) is by far the best.......just fucking ragged, ugly, vicious, unique noise that tears your head to bits everytime you listen to it. these guys and crowpath basically owned the chaotic earfucking metal hardcore category for the past half decade (in crowpath's case, longer) salt lake city's current best band. fucking vicious live....just huge sounds that envelop you while jon parkin paces back and forth, basically tearing his own lungs out........this was their first lp, came out in 2006.......they have a new one called "hes never comming back' which is more controlled and less messy and all over the place but still  maintains an ear shredding intensity.........anyways i give to you the monster:

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