Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hybris discography (1998-2002?)

another german band (from bielefeld to be exact) from the late 90s that is/was virtually unknown on this side of the atlantic......this is an unofficial compilation of all their stuff, the "7 on scortched earth policy, demo (tommte tumme tott) and comp song(s)......fucking thick intense tornado-of-sound hardcore built solidly on the foundation union of uranus laid 15-20 years ago. philip hausmeier, the vocalist, also ran his own label (tommte tumme tott) did guest vocals on a to dream of autumn song (the killing fields) and went on to the now denial after hybris broke up..anyways i highly recommend this band to anyone into the "canadian sound" or just great intense pissed of hardcore.....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

bouyancy discography (1997-1999?)

another extremely obscure and forgotten band, this time from germany, dont ask me what part, that information has been lost to me in the mists of time....frantic powerful stuff reaking of emotion..pretty much inline with alot of the german sound of the late 90s......very much like their countrymen enfold moreso than any other band....the (unofficial) discography consists of the "7 released on the  Tomme Tumme Tott label run by philip hausmeier of hybris/now denial fame...and the demo.......some of this is kinda crappily recorded but the energy is there and it finds its groove after a few listens....theres also a weird electronic dance number that is fucked not sure if  the demo tape this was recorded off of was fucked or that it was done that way intentionally by the band..anyways its all slow and distorted......i actually dig it that way though........

anyways give it a listen or two, if it piques your interest in all the cool shit that was going on in germany in the late 90s, so much the better.

bouyancy discography

Thursday, January 20, 2011

mothman "poison arm" 7 (1995?)

many of you may know this band soley from their split with okara, anyways mothman hailed from new jersey and played what could generally be called "noise rock" somewhat in the vein of hammerhead but with some rorschach/voivod/helmet influence in the guitarwork.....this, along with their split with dahlia seed, is one of the band's more obscure, hard to find releases......members of this band went on to nolan's gate, which also featured dahlia seed members............i have no idea i that band is still functioning.......anyways i always felt mothman, while travelling a musical path that had been trod many a time before, was a bit overlooked by alot of people when they where around...not amazing or mind blowing by any stretch, but consistent and in line with the offerings of the "higher end" noise rock acts of the time.....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

airoes "my zipper got stuck" (2001)

this is a bit off the beaten path compared with most of the other material ive been posting but its decent nonetheless........airoes was jeph burgoon, previously of portrait/kossabone red "fame", playing  weird spazzy electronic compositions......not really my bag usually and of nowhere near the interest level i had maintained for his previous bands, but somehow this cd manages to keep my interest throughout unlike just about every other person/group who plies their trade in weird glitchy electronic shit.....i guess maybe his previous work factored in heavily as i probably wouldnt have given this record the time of day if it had  been made by someone with no connection to hardcore...his take on the warren zevon classic "werewolves in london" pretty much makes this album......theres also a remix of blame game songs at the end of the cd....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

cut demo (1994)

i posted their "7 sometime last year. now heres the demo. noise rock/emotive/ hardcore from this french band of the mid 90s......pretty unique as french bands went at the time.....suprisingly the demo sounds a bit better recorded than the "7 that came after it. 7 songs, pretty long for a demo too.....anyways check it out!

cut demo

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the craving "emphasis on traditional values" "10 (1998)

lets start the year off right with another great, yet painfully obscure album.
the second release (as far as i know) from this german band of the 90s. it came out on revolution inside in 1998. this record sees the craving return to earth after blasting the energy levels into the stratosphere with the "poor ray" "7 from 1996......the sound is still kicking around somewhere in the wide open spaces between mid 90s "emo" and noise rock. this time they avoid the maniacal frantic sarcastic schtik they had on the 7 and opt for a more methodical, though sassy-edged approach on this record....jesus lizard fucking the nation of ulysses is a pretty accurate description of the sounds contained pretty sure the craving put out a few other records (one on scene police i think?) but id bet their nigh impossible for anyone outside of germany to get now..(maybe they turn up on ebay once in a while but since gavin stickfigure stopped distroing most of that good euro shit a long time ago i wouldnt hold my breath too long)..i guess if you happen to be in germany and have a craving for the craving, check your nearest used bin ;)

emphasis on traditional values