Wednesday, January 26, 2011

bouyancy discography (1997-1999?)

another extremely obscure and forgotten band, this time from germany, dont ask me what part, that information has been lost to me in the mists of time....frantic powerful stuff reaking of emotion..pretty much inline with alot of the german sound of the late 90s......very much like their countrymen enfold moreso than any other band....the (unofficial) discography consists of the "7 released on the  Tomme Tumme Tott label run by philip hausmeier of hybris/now denial fame...and the demo.......some of this is kinda crappily recorded but the energy is there and it finds its groove after a few listens....theres also a weird electronic dance number that is fucked not sure if  the demo tape this was recorded off of was fucked or that it was done that way intentionally by the band..anyways its all slow and distorted......i actually dig it that way though........

anyways give it a listen or two, if it piques your interest in all the cool shit that was going on in germany in the late 90s, so much the better.

bouyancy discography

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  1. Bouyancy were an amazing band.
    I can't belive I have never found this blog before. It's brilliant. It's what I wanted mine to be like. Sadly, mine is now no longer being updated. Posta are still up if you want to check it out