Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the craving "emphasis on traditional values" "10 (1998)

lets start the year off right with another great, yet painfully obscure album.
the second release (as far as i know) from this german band of the 90s. it came out on revolution inside in 1998. this record sees the craving return to earth after blasting the energy levels into the stratosphere with the "poor ray" "7 from 1996......the sound is still kicking around somewhere in the wide open spaces between mid 90s "emo" and noise rock. this time they avoid the maniacal frantic sarcastic schtik they had on the 7 and opt for a more methodical, though sassy-edged approach on this record....jesus lizard fucking the nation of ulysses is a pretty accurate description of the sounds contained pretty sure the craving put out a few other records (one on scene police i think?) but id bet their nigh impossible for anyone outside of germany to get now..(maybe they turn up on ebay once in a while but since gavin stickfigure stopped distroing most of that good euro shit a long time ago i wouldnt hold my breath too long)..i guess if you happen to be in germany and have a craving for the craving, check your nearest used bin ;)

emphasis on traditional values

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