Thursday, January 20, 2011

mothman "poison arm" 7 (1995?)

many of you may know this band soley from their split with okara, anyways mothman hailed from new jersey and played what could generally be called "noise rock" somewhat in the vein of hammerhead but with some rorschach/voivod/helmet influence in the guitarwork.....this, along with their split with dahlia seed, is one of the band's more obscure, hard to find releases......members of this band went on to nolan's gate, which also featured dahlia seed members............i have no idea i that band is still functioning.......anyways i always felt mothman, while travelling a musical path that had been trod many a time before, was a bit overlooked by alot of people when they where around...not amazing or mind blowing by any stretch, but consistent and in line with the offerings of the "higher end" noise rock acts of the time.....


  1. I posted the s/t EP a while back, but the link expired. Someone recently asked me to re-up it, but I forgot until I saw your post. So thanks! and here's the link to the s/t:

  2. I released this 7" and the Mothman/Okara split 7" I still have copies available if anyone is interested.