Sunday, January 16, 2011

airoes "my zipper got stuck" (2001)

this is a bit off the beaten path compared with most of the other material ive been posting but its decent nonetheless........airoes was jeph burgoon, previously of portrait/kossabone red "fame", playing  weird spazzy electronic compositions......not really my bag usually and of nowhere near the interest level i had maintained for his previous bands, but somehow this cd manages to keep my interest throughout unlike just about every other person/group who plies their trade in weird glitchy electronic shit.....i guess maybe his previous work factored in heavily as i probably wouldnt have given this record the time of day if it had  been made by someone with no connection to hardcore...his take on the warren zevon classic "werewolves in london" pretty much makes this album......theres also a remix of blame game songs at the end of the cd....

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