Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my winter jane "7 (199?)

another of those japanese indie rock/emo bands from the 90s (im guessing that this came out sometime in the mid-late 90s cause it definatly sounds like part of that era) that no one on this side of the pacific knew about......unlike alot of japanese bands the (female) vocals are sung in near perfect english........musically the first two songs are along the lines of braid or goodbye blue monday, melodic, rolling "midwestern" style 90s emo with just a slight edge of messiness and dischordance, the vocals remind me of allison of discount alot too.. the last two songs sound newer and have a slightly more modern, commercial sound.....the recording job is on par with most of the american bands playing this style in the same era......all in all this is a damn good record and y'all should check it out......


  1. I think it was 1999..I was the bassist. Everyone in the band was Japanese except for me (I'm Canadian), including the singer. We played a number of shows mostly in Tokyo, including one with Braid. Lots of great memories and good times! Thanks for the nice review...Shauna

  2. awesome! yea, this record is a fun listen, great band and hopefully more people check you guys out =) always nice to have band members dropping by with new input!