Thursday, July 8, 2010

cripple kid / little dipper split (1998-9?)

i believe one of these bands was from ohio and one was from connecticut, though im not sure which is from where.....the came out in the late 90s and is a forgotten gem of 90s pop punk/indie rock. cripple kid starts things off with some huge noise drenched melodies and  a soaring skyhigh feel to their fresh pop/rock/punk, if you like the raymond brake, dinosaur jr, christie front drive or treepeople you'll blow wads over this......catchy great, amazing, fantastic, you know the deal............little dipper was somewhat more raw sounding but still melodic and catchy...maybe "4 minute mile" era get up kids with a somewhat rougher recording job? for me cripple kid wins this split but ill let you decide for yourself. anyways
brush off the dust, kick the tires and take 'er out for a spin!


  1. Great record, I like much more Little dipper. The sound is very DIY but the music and the voire are really emotive.

  2. yea, cripple kid just does it for me. the whole record is great!