Tuesday, July 6, 2010

faith of blind "peep" (2002?)

the great majority of japanese bands never get any respect. sure, bands like GISM and forward have dedicated cultlike followings here in the US for all the maniacs who love that old buzzsaw "japcore" of the 80s (i personally could never stand that kind of stuff) but on the whole, if you where from japan and your band wasnt thrashy or weird and noisy nobody gave a shit. recently thats changed to a degree with bands like envy and killie garnering some international acclaim, but still shitloads of quality bands play out their lifecycles and breakup without any notice beyond japan's shores...faith of blind is (or was, as i have absolutely no idea if this band is still going) one of those bands. formed in the early 90s and going strong for at least a decade. bits of dinosaur jr, braid and party of helicopters, stir in a little shoegaze, let it congeal and you have the framework for what this band is doing (or did). excellent wall of noise/pop punk/emo that is (was) unique and catchy.

check it out my brothas (and sistahs)

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