Wednesday, July 21, 2010

brazen "orphaned" cd (2003?)

this was the first proper full length by this swiss band, i put them stylewise alongside bands like lvmen, gnu, doppler, ect. however, this cd and the split with kevlar, are a pretty radical departure from what they where doing before........the unique rhythmic noise slathered hardcore of the first "7 and the "as floods decrease" "10 was replaced by a more melodic, controlled concoction, they retained the moody and explosive character of their earlier releases but twisted it into something much more accessible. although i still love the early work, this cd has grown on me alot.....i dig the musicianship but im still not feelin the vocals......dude was better when he was screaming....anyways brazen dident fall off, they just morphed into something new while retaining the things that made their music unique and great in the first place.

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