Friday, December 28, 2012

tenement/gray beast/redettes/sycamore smith show @ the loaf house, marquette, mi, 12/17/12

well its been a week and a half since this happened and ive been busy/tired since then, but im back........anyways this was the first show at the sugarloaf house, a new venue in marquette......not sure whats up with merlot mansion, anyways it took me a little while to find the place, overshot it a couple times, got talked to by a cop who apparently had talked to the dudes in tenement a little while before............anyways i found the house, went in, hung out for a while, talked to a few new kids (whose names ive forgotten) and then tenement started playing and the energy went through the roof......ive heard alot about these guys, and they delivered live and then some.....pure rock n roll fun, excellent dudes to boot.....kinda sucked that they only played 5 songs, but their drummer had to be at work at 5 the next morning......we were on the tail end of a  minitour  they did up to winnipeg and sycamore smith  did his weird singer songwriter folk punk was ok, but i wasn't really feeling it....then the grey beast played.....never heard or saw this was members of redettes/witches tit/couchfort, ect.......musically they were kind of a more subdued version of tenement with a weird "folky" edge to it.........the same could be said of the redettes who were basically the same band as the grey beast but with a different drummer (the dude from sah if i'm not mistaken)........thus the sound was extremely similar for them too.....all in all it was a good night, tenement blew everyone away and the rest of the bands ruled as well.......nice way to start the life of a new showspace, one that will, hopefully continue to exist for years to come.........


the redettes

the grey beast

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