Monday, December 31, 2012

my top 5's of 2012

2012 was a year of mediocrity with a few highs here and there…at least for me….the excitement and shine wore off of some bands i loved, i felt shitty more often than not, some people weren’t who i thought they were and left my life, lots of bands toured, few played within driving distance of me…..i developed the worst sleep habits ever, thus fucking up my metabolism/bodyclock…….i started the year strong with my blog, but tailed off sharply  towards the end of the summer…updates are down to a trickle now………my energy level is in need of a serious tune up…..lost medicaid and have to get back on it……first governor snyder fucking the unions over with that “right to work” bullshit and then that little asshole shooting up the school in CT alternately pissed me off and had me on the attack against all the bubble brained soccermoms who are crying about more gun control because their little white angels bit it, not to mention making everyone with aspergers (a group which includes me) a target for fear and rdicule for the rest of our fucked up society…….im ending the year stressed, high strung, tired and emotionally jacked……..maybe getting a few things straightened out and exercising/sleeping more in January will lift this pall of emotional/physical bullshit off my shoulders at least a little bit.

anyways now that my rant is over, ill get right into my top 5's

top 5 records of the year:


globsters: rock n roll misery "7

i didn't review this for whatever reason, but its a hell of a record! adam does it again! blown out punk jamz about whatever subject thats on adam's mind at the time.......loved it.


panzram/shoppers split "7

the first record of the year that i was totally sold on......shoppers mean and meant alot to me and these songs were as great as anything else they recorded.....its just too bad it ended up being their unintended swansong as a band............panzram are a band i'd never heard before and suprised me with their abrasive rough style of hardcore that harkened back to the 90s.......


ulises lima  - waiting for the summer

this  spanish band put out one of the best records of the year......great melodic hardcore as it hadn't been done in years......a nice breath of fresh air from most of the stuff i'd been hearing this year.


cloud rat / republic of dreams split lp

this record was amazing.......both bands came hard, combining to make this masterpiece of a rat's cerebral diverse grind  vs  republic of dreams' noise slathered  reversal of man-esque emo bursts.......excellent all around.


heemeyer s/t ep

record of 2012 for me.....just a monster of an album..........thick, dark, suffocating, everything a good hardcore record should be.  cant wait to see these dudes live.

top 5 live sets of 2012
5. two sunrises - merlot mansion, marquette, mi, 6/22/12
4. oily menace - the commons, sekoitus fest, marquette, mi, 7/13/12
3. shoppers - DAAC, grand rapids, mi, 1/28/12
2. tenement - loaf house, marquette, mi, 12/17/12
1. cloud rat - suicide garage,  michigan meltdown, grand rapids, mi, 7/18/12

hopefully 2013 will be better than 2012........looking forward to new experiences, new people, new bands and new friendships.

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