Thursday, December 6, 2012

RIP sarah kirsch

punk lost a sizeable chunk of itself and the world as a whole got shittier yesterday when sarah (mike) kirsch passed.........she was a part of so many amazing bands that inspired me over the years, i cant even begin to explain how vital and important they all were......i saw torches to rome in 1996 with 400 years, seein red, palatka and los crudos and torches easily stole the show for me........the power and intensity blew me away........i was obsessed with her music ever since and it turned me on to the rest of the ebullition catalog as well (along with the mixtapes i was just beginning to get at that time too) without her my musical tastes would probably be vastly different and i also probably wouldn't have been turned on to the concept of "personal/political" ideology as it pertains to punk endlessly thankful for everything she gave to us and i doubt we will see the likes of her in power, sarah.......

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