Thursday, September 20, 2012

1066 "7 (1997)

hey, i know its been a while, but im back with a new post!  1066 were a band from austin texas who played what i consider to be the prototypical 90s mosh....a snapshot of everything awesome that this sound embodied......these guys were, IMO, a hugely underrated band that didn't get the attention they deserved for multiple reasons......the two biggest were probably that they were from texas, an area not known for its mosh bands, and that they were active in the late 90s when the style they played was starting to lose its steam, which was too bad really, because these guys absolutely nailed it....people rave about stuff like chokehold and unbroken, and thats perfectly well and good (im not a huge fan of either band) but i definately put these guys on the same plane as the aforementioned bands, as they are every bit as good or better..... its just that they got lost in the shuffle......thick, heavy danceable mosh that varies the pace enough that each of their songs remains fresh and attention-keeping, which is MUCH more than i can say for the vast majority of bands doing this stuff in the mid 90s (and thats saying alot because i still listen to a shitload of that stuff) extremely listenable and i encourage you to take a listen or three to this "7.........they had a split w/new year (whose "7 i found kinda boring) that i will definatly be tracking down in the near future......excellent excellent stuff......