Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ulises lima - waiting for the summer (2012)

sorry for being away so long, ive just been in sort of a funk lately concerning doing much of anything......i guess i needed some time off........anyways im back with what i consider to be the album of the year so far. ulises lima are a band from spain (madrid i think) who have been around for a few years.....they had a full length out (a thousand words) in 2010 and a "7 last year.....while their earlier work was good in its own right, this album pushes everything up several notches......the songs here are so catchy and awesome, these dudes capture something thats been missing in hardcore for the past decade or so. i cant really put my finger on exactly what it is, i just think they are doing melodic, indie rock-influenced hardcore the way it used to be done 12-14 years ago, the way it should be done.....their influences are older than alot of bands around nowadays tagging themselves as "melodic hardcore" (in other words, their not touche amore or la dispute...bands playing watered down "screamo" that  make thursday sound like moss icon) echoes of garden variety, burning airlines, even treepeople, but still maintaining a "modern" sheen over all of it.......i havent heard another record this year (with the exception of that shoppers/panzram split) that is more well balanced and without filler tracks......just totally rockin from first to last song.......really highly recommended and  hopefully these dudes will find the time to cross the pond and do their thing here soon.....

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