Sunday, September 9, 2012

songs for snakes - charcoal heather (2012)

so i got a link to this album in my gmail account.......i had no idea what to expect really (other than what this nice dude from the band, bill, told me.....i think husker du was mentioned once or twice..)...lo and behold, he was right! lots of husker do-isms throughout this album....along with quite a few other influences........i hear  bits of the replacements, bad religion, jawbreaker, squirrelbait, even cathrine wheel in the mix....also sometimes reminds me of this old detroit band called sponge, who gained a bit of radio fame in the 90s........infact its very 90s oriented punk/alt rock, a style that seems to be making somewhat of a comeback in certain circles....this is all very well recorded and produced, yet it retains enough little rough edges to retain its intensity....they have a record before this that i now have and will be listening to shortly.....from what ive heard so far, im diggin it......this band is from san francisco BTW and i do hope they tour soon.

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