Friday, July 27, 2012

so i havent been able to update for a a review of michigan meltdown comming up real soon. also getting my new laptop in a few the meantime my mediafire account has been suspended.....some bullshit claims filed on records by people who have nothing to do with them in the first place.......i had "strikes" against my account while i couldnt access anything so i couldnt do anything about it. in any case ill have to rebuild my collection from scratch and then gradually reupload all my shit.....and this time have it all on an external harddrive for backup incase this this bullshit happens again........fuck mediafire, fuck the RIAA and especially fuck whoever is making these "claims" because ive talked to the members of bands whos records "claims" were made on and they had no idea that shit had even taken place.......this is not the end of mind intrusion, but all the links are dead so you probably shouldnt bother clicking any of them.......stick with me cause this blog will continue through thick & thin.

anyways michigan meltdown review comming up soon....



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