Tuesday, July 3, 2012

raymond brake / rebar split "7 (1994)

so i guess there will be some july posts afterall. ive been able to commondeer my mom's laptop for a while...........anyways  im hitting you with a blast from the past today........two of the more obscure and largely forgotten indie rock bands from the 90s who seemed to live under the shadows of archers of loaf/sonic youth/superchunk/pavement/ect.......which just means they were around playing shows and putting out (great) records that unfortunately, not many people heard because they where caught up in the aforementioned bands' (generally well deserved) buzz.......each band contributes one song to this split. greensboro, NC's raymond brake starts things off with "davliks" a disheveled, yet breezy tune that sits somewhere between harriet the spy and fellow (much more well known) statesmen, archers of loaf. clocking in at 3:08, this song is over way too soon for my taste, but its A+ indie rock, just like their full lengths were.......on the flipside we have rebar, who hailed from somewhere in california.....they take a longer, slow burning approach to the dischordant indie thing and punctuate their song "tansparent" with an explosion of noisy angst that fades back into the wandering trudge towards the end.........i liked this song alot and have been trying to find other rebar releases over the years but so far, with no luck..........all in all a great split from two bands that got lost in the shuffle. a perfect snapshot of real DIY indie rock from the mid 90s.

raymond brake/rebar split

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