Wednesday, July 4, 2012

procession - your turn to feel (2012)

hope everyone is having a safe and fun 4th............i spent most of mine hiking with my uncle and cousins and i have the sunburnt face and aching knees (from trudging over countless sand dunes) to show for it! anyways what we have here is the debut full length from grand rapid's shoegaze kings (and queen) procession. if you have followed this band and heard this full length, you know that 98% of this record isnt new material, its more of a compilation of  older tunes with a couple new ones throw in at the end, but all n all its great stuff.....the melodies shine brightly on every song present and britty sings wonderfully over it all....there was a period over the past few months where i neglected my old procession EPs, but this record  re-hammers home how great a band these dudes/dudettes are for me.....i havent gotten to see them since last june.......theyve toured twice since then but ive never been able to line things up to get downstate when they are playing in driving distance. i need that to change because its been far too long since ive seen them. wonderful music from wonderful individuals. if youve heard it before, youll be pleasantly suprised. if you havent, i think you'll have found a new favorite band.........

procession - your turn to feel

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  1. Heya, any chance of a reupload, please? Mediafire is dead