Tuesday, June 5, 2012

rhythm of black lines s/t ep (1999)

this austin tx band rose from the ashes of the hades kick and kodiak and also contained members of paul newman and at the drive in (a surprise to me) i remember when this record came out and being mildly interested, since i was into alot of austin bands at the time (employer employee, kodiak, slave one, tune in tokyo, among others) but then losing interest after hearing that it was "boring indie rock".......well now im kickin myself over that.......a decade after the fact and im finally seeing this band for the greatness they were.......very flowing spacey, echo-ey, stuff thats strongly reminsicent of fellow austonians paul newman (though i guess it shouldnt be much of a surprise since paul newman himself was in this band) theres a bit of late period cars get crushed influence here as well.......really melodic, catchy stuff that still manages to be a force unto itself.........they seem to have been active from 1999-2004 and achieved a fair profile in some indie/post rock circles........highly recommended......

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  1. Use to see these guys back in the day, really good stuff! Thanks for posting.