Friday, June 1, 2012

the quad: goddard/motel mattress/debate/campbell trio 4 way split (2012)

im kinda back on a roll right now...feels good to be active again........anyways this is a 4 way split between two american and two brazilian bands who are all on the upswing right now...........things start off with worcester mass's goddard, who ive loved since their first "7, with the song "50/50".......its a jerky, mathy, rockin affair that melts into a slow burning groove that slowly builds back into a mathy outburst and then into some atmospheric riffing to end the track...excellent stuff and a clear progression from the EP and full length (both of which were great) secondly we have motel mattress, who are also from somewhere in mass............they play spastic mathy guitar/drum chaos, a little reminiscent of lighting bolt (with guitar instead of bass of course) its pretty good and im kinda kicking myself for not being able to see both them and goddard live in marquette a month or two we get to the brazilian representatives of the split...........debate is first up and surprised the hell out of me by playing a great fucking tune........their sound  lies somewhere between burning airlines and bluetip, maybe with a little regulator watts thrown in for good measure.....very "DC" currently trying to hunt down other records of their but so far without luck........just diggin that shit so much..........finally fellow brazilians campbell trio rounds out this split with some passionate explosive emotional hardcore reminiscent of alot of the stuff that went on in the early 2000s in europe (yage, the jukebox scenario, la quiete, ect) this song is a burner and is equal to the rest of their recorded output (their "7 was great as well and im still trying to get a digital copy of it)  jazzy feel at times too............all in all this is a great fucking record, exposing you to 4 bands most people, in all probability, haven't heard. pick it up if you can find it, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor.


  1. Sup! This split is pretty good! I am running a blog about brazilian DIY music, could you add to your blog roll? thanks a lot!

  2. mediafire file seems to have been deleted. Here's a new link: