Saturday, June 23, 2012

cloud rat/witchs tit/wett nurse/two sunrises 6/22/12, merlot mansion, marquette.

well im back, at least for the duration of this post.........went to my first show since january last night at a nice little basement in marquette known as the merlot freinds cloud rat headlined and a bunch of local bands who i knew next to nothing about opened.  i actually missed the first band, (some kind of noise act) while talking to madison and rorik (cloud rat) outside.......the next band, two sunrises, set up and played some really great post/indie rock, somewhere between explosions in the sky and archers of loaf. excellent stuff from a band i hope to hear/see more of in the future. witchs tit was the next band up......huge intense stuff....two drummers, guitar and bass.....somewhere between sludge and noise rock....kinda reminded me of an old kalamazoo band, any case hot stuff. then the main event, cloud rat, took the stage and totally fucking levelled everyone and everything.....michigans best current band? id have to say yes. some of the loveliest, freindliest people youll ever meet? that too. i couldnt ask for more from a group of indiviuals playing this type of music. i already miss them....but ill be seeing them again next month at michigan meltdown (along with a ton of other bands) so this parting is only a temporary sorrow. lastly, wett nurse closed the night with some dancy catchy space/psych pop........they kinda reminded me of the make up or some other dancy yet outta control pop-ish DIY bands from the seemed like a ton of people showed up when they started playing too, all in all a great night was had and i hope to see all these bands and people again very soon!

two sunrises

witchs tit

cloud rat

wett nurse

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