Tuesday, May 1, 2012

troubled sleep demo (2012?)

hey, so ive been neglecting this for a while, it just that im in kind of a doldrum as far as posting new shit goes......just have shifted my interests to some other things currently, but mind intrusion isnt going anywhere, its just that my posts might be fewer and further between...........in any case im back with a new-ish debut from a new-ish band from NYC/DC..........troubled sleep play music that hearkens back to 90s college radio....shit like hayden, built to spill, the breeders, they all come through in bits and pieces here and there throughout their sound.......catchy songs with clever lyrics that end just as your settling into the groove....they played michigan a few months ago, but it was in detroit (i an under no illusion that i could make the drive to the D and back without spending a small fortune in gas and hotels) fortunatly, they will be comming back sometime in the fall and will probably play in GR (most likely at the DAAC) so i await that show with tempered excitement........a really good up and comming band that people should be on the lookout for....cant wait for a full length! A+ effort.

troubled sleep demo

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