Friday, December 30, 2011

my top ten of 2011

well 2011 has been the year of my full re-engagement with DIY hardcore as it currently stands......going to shows, making new connections and capturing alot of it for posterity in the form of video and pictures......i feel re-energized about the scene and the people currently making the music/doing the zines or just doing whatever they can to support their friends and touring bands....the scene is vibrant right now, and although i cant really appreciate certain styles that have become popular within the past few years, there seems to be more than enough music made over 2011 to fit my taste and worldview........its also been a year of discovery of new sounds to addict many bands/people i would never have known about if i hadn't checked out a bandcamp or went to someones basement/club/resteraunt to so glad that i was able to make the connections that i have over this past year and hopefully they will all stay with me for many years to come.....

anyways here are my top ten records for the year:


one of my first surprises this year...excellent psychotic noise rock/sludge/hardcore from dearborn of today is the day and dystopia take notice.


cynarae "s/t"

from seattle washington. this band plays huge crushing hardcore with a semicrusty edge....another excellent surprise of 2011


degollado "dark of the day"

amazing, unique, indescribable, all terms accuratley applied to this band.....hypnotic post-sludge... a must listen


judas iscariot - lost prophets
the most surprising record of the year,if only because the band has been dead for a decade.....still this record more than holds its own against anything released today..


goddard  "bishop"

unfortunatly haven't had the chance to review this one here yet, but ive been jamming it for a couple months now(since jason sent me a copy) and it truely deserves  spot in my top ten....spacey math rock at its best...


procession "fade" 

this was always a lock for my top 5.......amazing shoegaze from grand rapids (at least originally) one of the best things i've heard this year easily.......on tour now, so go see em! (also new album comming soon on forward records)


black kites/convulsions split lp

two of the best bands in recent memory squaring off on one piece of vinyl....... unfortunately black kites have decided to call it a day...........the world will be less enriched with the loss of their presence.....


cloud rat/oily menace/wolbachia 3 way split

cloud rat has been one of my absolute favorite bands since i first saw them a year and a half ago.....just amazing people playing amazing music.......oily menace play great straightforward grind and wolbachia are a canadian band that im still waiting to see.......together they made this record an unstoppable juggernaut of sonic brutality......and one of the highlights of the year.


psychic blood "strain"

one of the absolute best things ive heard all year........noisy, dreamy, awesome stuff with a huge recording.....i cant wait to see this band!


shoppers " silver year"

without a doubt, hands down, the BEST record of the year.........i cant say enough about this band's music or about them as people...........simply incredible on all literally counting the days untill i see them again on january 28th......they will kickoff their nationwide tour tommorow night in whatever you have to do to see them......bands like this come around maybe once every decade......and im so gad that i was able to make a connection with them........meredith/josh/kari, if your reading this, i love you guys and i always will.....


  1. awww best list! thanks!
    i'm glad shoppers was your number 1 because there mine as well (Madison)

  2. happy new year madison! its been too damn long since ive seen you guys!