Monday, December 5, 2011

catherer/laughing dog split lp (2000)

my introduction to both these bands was seeing them play back in 1999 at the 10 weston in grand rapids.... in fact it was only my second live exposure to grindcore (the first had been acrid/assuck in 1997) was a great show, (malakhai was on the bill too and kicked ass.........) and both bands brought it hard..............i talked to alex & joe of laughing dog after the show and found them to be incredibly nice chill dudes......they wanted me to write them but i promptly lost the tapejacket (the art above isnt the original album art BTW) with their contact info  =(.........the thing i remember the most about catheter was their sodom cover, otherwise its was pretty good straight ahead grind......laughing dog were much more technical and "blasty" (for lack of a better term) anyways on this split catherer do pretty much what they do live, harsh fast no-frills grind (yes, the sodom cover(outbreak of evil) is there too) while laughing dog play fast choppy tech grind like a crustier dischordance axis but mixed with some hiphop tracks that i can only describe as "amateur".......all in all its good, laughing dog comes out the victor on this record for me, even though the recording is kinda tinny and doesn't really capture their live intensity at pretty sure alex & joe both ended up in noisear, or may have even been in that band when i saw laughing dog as i think both bands co-existed for a while........anyways cop this...........

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  1. GASP also covered the same Sodom song their demo...

    Good song.