Wednesday, September 7, 2011

show review (shoppers/shattered badge/royl space@ thunderdome(last show) 9/5/11)

let me just say that monday night blew my mind  made the long trip down to grand rapids to see the shoppers, a syracuse band that ive grown to love over the past couple months..i would never have thought that a band id never heard of  a few months ago could touch me in such a profound way........ive been going to shows for 16 years but it wasnt until monday night  that i felt like i truly "belonged".......the shoppers put on an energetic set and rocked the shit out of everyone, but it was how amazing they were in person after the show that really sealed the deal for me and my now unbreakable love of this band the most......meredith  (can i call you meri? hehe) is one of the kindest, sweetest most awesome people ive ever met in my life period, and i dont say that lightly.......just an amazing person that i could talk to for hours......i always feel kinda awkward talking to people for the first time and this was no exception, but it was just so damn easy to talk to her and her bandmates who were amazing as well........i already miss them and hope its not too long before they come back around to play in michigan again.....for me they are that once in a decade band like to dream of autumn or lovesick,  that  effects me so deeply that the time(s) i see them will be etched in my memory forever.....please, dont miss this band, do whatever you have to do to see them, they are that good!

shattered badge played first and played fast grindy hardcore of the kind grand rapids is becomming known for....good stuff and ryan(i think?) is an awesome dude.

royl space played last and played some energetic bouncy pop punkish stuff with some sassy undertones..........i wanna say they reminded me of very early chisel (you know, before they turned into a clone of the jam) but the sound is much more modern.........

all in all this was a hell of a show and sadly, the last at the thunderdome, which was a basement showspace underneath bartertown resteraunt which is a vegan resteraunt (owned by ryan?) that is rapidly making a name for itself.

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