Friday, September 9, 2011

national handbag 1.5 (zine)

(never mind the dirty sock!)

i dont often review zines, if only because its been years since ive gotten any....if anyone feels like sending me some, be my guest and ill gladly review it.    anyways this is meredith of the shoppers' zine (a sweeter person on this planet, i have not met). it mostly deals with  mental illness and is something i can personally identify with as i have aspergers.....most of this issue consists of  freinds of meredith or people she asked to contribute talking about how their mental illnesses tie into their sense of style, its interesting reading, even though ive never been one for fashion or DIY clothing not sure, but i also think how a person dresses can also tie in with negative body image/poor self esteem, which is something that hits close to home for me........while there are tons of after school specials/books/movies/public service announcements about girls/women and how they can overcome their negative body image, there dosent seem to be any understanding of the same issue effecting men/boys...........when i am in a place with large amounts of people present, i almost always feel like their eyes are boring into me and judging me and i feel so uncomfortable and naked.......i dont walk with my head held high and im always looking at the ground (though that could be explained by my aspergers, im also self aware to a hypersensitive degree much of the time)i always feel like the first thing people notice about me is my chunkiness..."oh, the fat dude whos always got the camera and stands up front during shows" just really gets me down sometimes.......anyways its an awesome cut n paste type job not unreminiscent o alot of the zines i read a decade ago and longer.........she seems to have a thing for vintage erotica, as thats heavily present both in this zine and on most of the shoppers records/merch ive seen....which is all good since i share that interest as well ;)  im not currently sure how you could get this zine unless you see them on tour......more than likely you could contact meredith at her email ( and i bet she'd be happy to send you a copy.....its well worth the read! looking forward to issue 2.........

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