Wednesday, August 17, 2011

shoppers "silver year" lp (2011)

this record is literally hot off the presses....not officially released till already might be the best thing ive heard this year.......shoppers are a trio from syracuse, ny and play huge, short blasts of melodic noise that owe a whole lot musically to bands like fuel, shotmaker, scout and phleg camp....someone told me their vocalist reminded him of huggy bear, i cant really see that as ive hardly listened to huggy bear....IMO i think she sounds a little like the girl from oiler. mainly in the any case this shit will knock you on your ass. i cant really make out much of the lyrics (and i dont have a lyric sheet) im pretty sure i heard "hold me down, fuck my mouth" though...not shocked or anything, but if that indeed was the lyric, its a bit disconcerting.....if this was ten or fifteen years ago, i could see this comming out on ebullition..really really awesome stuff, they will be playing semi-locally on the 5th of september and ill do my damndest to show up and see them (vehicle issues might prevent me from making the 400 mile drive.) one of my new favorite bands, cant wait to meet them in person!


  1. THANX a big lot for sharing this !!! this band absolutely rules !!

  2. YES!!
    there all such fucking amazing people.
    i cant stop playing this album.


  3. awesome review and awesome band! There's an interview with Shoppers on episode 32 of The Unsigned, which you can listen to at

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