Sunday, July 31, 2011

the shortwave channel "bright lights, they hurt" (1998)

hey, sorry about the updates getting fewer and futher between but im in burn-out mode yet again and im kinda taking a vacation from the whole thing right now......but im still posting shit as i see fit  =)   anyways this band was from san diego and played some arty weird stuff that went over pretty well with the gravity/GSL crowd back in the day......keyboard and bass driven "hardcore" (i have to use the term very loosely in regards to this band) that bounces around and moves pretty well....kinda suprised i like this as much as i do, considering that i hated 99.8%  of the GSL catalog (this band was much more on the dancy, arty GSL side than the noisy chaotic gravity style) anyways if you like white belts, tight pants (not in the modern douchebag style ) and weird haircuts, this is probably for you.

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