Tuesday, May 28, 2013

speedy ortiz - sports ep (2012)

this is a record i discovered a while back (maybe 5 months ago or so) and have been jamming a hell of alot recently.....speedy ortiz is one of a rather sparse, but growing number of bands who have their eyes set squarely on  early-mid 90s indie rock and are carrying the style intact though the 21st century. loud, catchy awesome tunes that make me think of the breeders and archers of loaf, but somehow with more power behind it than either of those two bands.....these dudes and dudette are professional songsmiths who know exactly how to write a memorable tune that hits you in the brain and heart, meaning music AND lyrics are always on point, unlike so many other bands in this vast sea of mediocrity that passes for popular music nowadays.......speedy ortiz are among the most excellent bands going today and this record is a fucking home run. if i was less socially inhibited, id probably be running through the streets slipping copies of this album to everyone i met......its that good.

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