Monday, May 27, 2013

goddard / giraffes? giraffes! split "10 (2013)

here we have a split "10 from 2 Massachusetts bands, one who i know well and one who until recently, id only heard of.......anyways lets start with the one im familiar with, goddard from worcester  MA, who bestow us with two new songs "midwest 95" and "thrushes"  both moody math rock numbers that remind me of anne and jason's former band, calumet hecla, even more so when anne sings......driving, taut rhythms that dissolve into spacey atmospheric wanderings......really good stuff, as ive come to expect from this band..........on the flipside we have giraffes? giraffes!  from amherst MA who i hadn't heard before this record.....their song is chock full of thick murky fat riffs that are almost shoegazey at times, then exploding into tight rhythmic passages with pinpoint drumming which giveway eventually to the big riffs again....very much in the prog-math vein, at least to my ears, somewhere between don caballero, lighting bolt and dinosaur jr, the land of giraffe? giraffes! resides very comfortably....all in all, its a great record, worthy of many many spins. very recommended.

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