Friday, January 6, 2012

segue "7 (1998)

another old record dug out from among the debris...........segue were from minneapolis and were to my knowledge, another band involved in the prolific minneapolis crust scene of the 90s........that is until i actually listened to this record......its blazing emotive hardcore with muffled screaming vocals.....musically much closer to something like makara or UOA than  say, code 13 or masskontrol...........this was their first "7 and im not sure they could have made a better impression on me.......great music, great lyrics. everything is on point.......they also had a "10 and a split with inflicted (the split isnt as good as this "7 IMO) im pretty sure they broke up sometime in the early any case this is another one of those obscure gems that are hard to find, but are infinitely rewarding musically when you do.......huge thumbs up.


  1. Would you mind re-uploading this?

  2. I actually ended up buying a copy, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to split the tracks.

    For side A I have: 1) Short Attention Span Theatre (with violin intro) 2) We Hang Ourselves As A Token Of Our Greatfulness
    For side B I have: 1) String Of Tools 2) To Fix What Isn't Broken 3) Skin, Bone, + Fixed Idea

    I think I have side B right, but I can't figure out exactly where track 1 ends and track 2 begins on side A (or if there's a third track in there somewhere). Not sure if you can help me or not if you can't find it, but if you can, how did you split the tracks?