Friday, January 13, 2012

programm c "karen" lp (2001?)

today i thought id trot out an old band from austria to terrorize your ears.....programm c were from vienna and existed during the late 90s/early 2000s........they played short sharp bursts of destructive thrash laced with heavy mosh parts and occasional blastbeats...........kinda/sorta powerviolence-ish, especially with the kinda tinny sounding recording job this lp got......anyways they tear through each song and then get the fuck out quick.....a little too quick for me sometimes, but their basic formula is on point and the songs are generally very good. an lp worth tracking down if you can find it.........i suppose some probably pop up on ebay once in a while.....but for those of you who are a bit lazy, ive got you covered..........this was their only LP ...besides this, they recorded a "7 and a split "7 with a band called kobyashi (who played frantic bang on the walls and go nuts hardcore that the locust used to be known for before they decided fashion was more important than substance) check it out.

karen lp

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