Thursday, September 29, 2011

so i have a tumblr now


its much more of a personal nature than this. if you feel like taking a peek into my day to day life, or just read my whiny bullshit, add me if you feel so inclined.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

hubris demo (2011)

what we have here is a new band from DC who play fast, dirty, blown out hardcore sorta in the vein of born against........this is a great start and i hope to see this band on tour of the new bands everyone should be on the lookout for......cant wait for an LP!

Friday, September 16, 2011

black kites/convulsions split lp (2011)

here we have one of the best records to come out this jersey's black kites square off against rhode island's convulsions in the musical deathmatch of the year.............the black kites side of this split is hands down the best stuff they've recorded so far, chunky varied and raging hardcore that's in and out and over all too soon......amazing stuff from a group of amazing individuals (some of the sweetest dudes in person)  on the other side we have convulsions whose "7 i dug immensely..........this stuff is a little more out there but still brutal and fucked up.......not a band that's afraid to take risks with their sound that's for sure.......ragged metallic hardcore with a sludgy melvins touch.....all in all this is one of the best records to have come out this year. i personally think its edged out of the top spot because the shoppers put out a record that was perfect in every conceivable way........anyways its a necessity if you like modern ugly hardcore with meaningful lyrics and made by great people.........

Monday, September 12, 2011

veloz - slepnir (2011)

another in the long list of new bands that hooked me this year........veloz are from boston and feature ex members of furnace (another great band) and play some raging hardcore with weird mathy riffs...5 songs that fly by, causing chaos and destruction in their own unique way.....havent heard any band that is really even close to the sound these guys create..its just great stuff...just to throw a comparison out there, daniel striped tiger meets capsule meets his hero is gone?....they just toured europe with the resurrectionists and lich (i think) and im guessing they were well recieved........anyways if they can keep this kind of energy up over the long run, i see a bright future ahead...........hopefully they tour the midwest sometime soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

monkey 2 song preview of lp ( 2011???)

this was one of a myriad of bands that took me totally by surprise this year.........hailing from calgary alberta, i still have only the barest of info on this band.........two songs of huge toxic mountains of churning noise..............its sludgy, but not slow and boring, loud and chaotic, but never mindbendingly complex, the vocals are of the requisite harshness and the production is top notch.....i can pick out alot of influences in their sound but theres is never one that rises above the other words they are perfectly balanced between all their influences and have managed to scrape out their own niche in the wider world of hardcore/metal/whathaveyou.......i think these songs are part of a full length that will (has?? as i cant find shit about this band anywhere, i have no idea whats going on with them) be released love to get my hands/ears on a few more tunes as these two just whet my appetite for more..........awesome start for an awesome band.........

Friday, September 9, 2011

national handbag 1.5 (zine)

(never mind the dirty sock!)

i dont often review zines, if only because its been years since ive gotten any....if anyone feels like sending me some, be my guest and ill gladly review it.    anyways this is meredith of the shoppers' zine (a sweeter person on this planet, i have not met). it mostly deals with  mental illness and is something i can personally identify with as i have aspergers.....most of this issue consists of  freinds of meredith or people she asked to contribute talking about how their mental illnesses tie into their sense of style, its interesting reading, even though ive never been one for fashion or DIY clothing not sure, but i also think how a person dresses can also tie in with negative body image/poor self esteem, which is something that hits close to home for me........while there are tons of after school specials/books/movies/public service announcements about girls/women and how they can overcome their negative body image, there dosent seem to be any understanding of the same issue effecting men/boys...........when i am in a place with large amounts of people present, i almost always feel like their eyes are boring into me and judging me and i feel so uncomfortable and naked.......i dont walk with my head held high and im always looking at the ground (though that could be explained by my aspergers, im also self aware to a hypersensitive degree much of the time)i always feel like the first thing people notice about me is my chunkiness..."oh, the fat dude whos always got the camera and stands up front during shows" just really gets me down sometimes.......anyways its an awesome cut n paste type job not unreminiscent o alot of the zines i read a decade ago and longer.........she seems to have a thing for vintage erotica, as thats heavily present both in this zine and on most of the shoppers records/merch ive seen....which is all good since i share that interest as well ;)  im not currently sure how you could get this zine unless you see them on tour......more than likely you could contact meredith at her email ( and i bet she'd be happy to send you a copy.....its well worth the read! looking forward to issue 2.........

Puritan - This is Medicine

love the fuck out of this song..........still do............if you saw them and werent on the floor and crying by the end of this song, something was wrong with you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Royl Space@thunderdome, 9/5/11 (last thunderdome show) PT2

last part of their set

Royl Space@thunderdome 9/5/11 (last thunderdome show) PT1

the first song of royl space's set

shattered badge (i think) @thunderdome 9/5/11 (last thunderdome show)

shattered badge...............god, i hope this is actually not intimatly familiar with GR local bands as of any case they playsed a great set

Shoppers @ thunderdome, 9/5/11 (last thunderdome show)

the shoppers set that i recorded monday

show review (shoppers/shattered badge/royl space@ thunderdome(last show) 9/5/11)

let me just say that monday night blew my mind  made the long trip down to grand rapids to see the shoppers, a syracuse band that ive grown to love over the past couple months..i would never have thought that a band id never heard of  a few months ago could touch me in such a profound way........ive been going to shows for 16 years but it wasnt until monday night  that i felt like i truly "belonged".......the shoppers put on an energetic set and rocked the shit out of everyone, but it was how amazing they were in person after the show that really sealed the deal for me and my now unbreakable love of this band the most......meredith  (can i call you meri? hehe) is one of the kindest, sweetest most awesome people ive ever met in my life period, and i dont say that lightly.......just an amazing person that i could talk to for hours......i always feel kinda awkward talking to people for the first time and this was no exception, but it was just so damn easy to talk to her and her bandmates who were amazing as well........i already miss them and hope its not too long before they come back around to play in michigan again.....for me they are that once in a decade band like to dream of autumn or lovesick,  that  effects me so deeply that the time(s) i see them will be etched in my memory forever.....please, dont miss this band, do whatever you have to do to see them, they are that good!

shattered badge played first and played fast grindy hardcore of the kind grand rapids is becomming known for....good stuff and ryan(i think?) is an awesome dude.

royl space played last and played some energetic bouncy pop punkish stuff with some sassy undertones..........i wanna say they reminded me of very early chisel (you know, before they turned into a clone of the jam) but the sound is much more modern.........

all in all this was a hell of a show and sadly, the last at the thunderdome, which was a basement showspace underneath bartertown resteraunt which is a vegan resteraunt (owned by ryan?) that is rapidly making a name for itself.