Tuesday, December 31, 2013

top 12 of 2013

Well I haven't posted in months....just not really had the drive to do much, but in any case, I'm back with my best of 2013....I wasn't very active, both when it came to reviews or shows, still, there were plenty of records that caught my ears....


Perfect pussy - I have lost all desire for feeling

I probably should've reviewed this months ago, in any case, Meredith's new band takes up where shoppers left off and then some. Its just a bit more melodic this time around...can't wait to hear/see what's in store for this band....

11. Boilerman - loss leaders

Best pop punk record of the year. Nuff said.

10. Technicolor teeth - teenage pagans

Members of tenement bring us the best dream/fuzz/shoegaze record of the year.

9. Goddard/giraffes giraffes split "10

Two great bands from mass team up for a great split. Mathrock madness.

8. Late bloomer lp

North Carolina ragged tuneful indie rock harkening back to the 90s. Great stuff that gets better with repeated listens...

7. Hate vacation ep

Philly powerhouse with an all star lineup....ragged and ugly...just the way I like it.

6.speedy ortiz - major arcana

Unfortunately I missed these guys twice so far...hopefully that streak won't last...one of the absolute best records of the year from one of the best bands of the year.

5. Dreamdecay - nvnvnv

Epic noisy moody record from Seattle's best band

4. Gay kiss - fault

Arizona dudes playing some of the most vicious hardcore I've heard this year...top 5 record easily.

3. Cloud rat - moksha

Great friends playing great music. Not much more I could ask for out of a grindcore record than what's in this record.

2. Cousins - bathhouse

This Milwaukee outfit narrowly missed my top spot...dudes put out the best punkgaze record of the year.....there's nothing bad I can say about this record, its pretty close to perfect..

1. Red hare - nites of midnite

My record of the year...Sean brown, jason Ferrell & co show the kids how its done on 2013's hardcore tour de force....but with the pedigree these dudes have, would you expect any less? Also best dischord record of the past 10 years.

I guess thats it for 2013....I'll see ya on the flip side....hopefully I'll be more active in 2014...


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