Friday, September 27, 2013

so stressed - attracted to open mouths (2012)

hey people, im least for the moment.........the subject today is a band from Sacramento, CA, called so stressed.......i had no idea who they were until i got an email from one of their members who linked me to their record....after a listen, i can say that i enjoyed it  a pretty fair amount with room to like it alot more with subsequent listens........what we have here a sort of lo-fi punk/noise/indie rock thing.....a decent amount of influences comming together here.....i can hear overtones of dreamdecay, hints of milemarker, little flecks of calumet hecla and giraffes giraffes, even a tiny drizzle of small brown bike....despite all of these seemingly disperate sounds popping up, it all seems tied together pretty well throughout......i wouldn't mind seeing these guys (and girl?) live at all......i bet they'd be pretty perfectly fine recommending this record as it is and im sure with subsequent listens that recommendation will only get reinforced........check it out!

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