Tuesday, August 20, 2013

speedy ortiz - major arcana (2013)

well after a month and a half im back.....computer problems have prevented me from doing much of anything. that has been somewhat remedied, but my posting will probably still be sporadic for a while......anyways this record is the best thing i've heard this year, edging out amazing offerings from red hare, gay kiss, even cloud rat.........its that good.......speedy ortiz have nailed the 90s alt-sound with perfection. frontwoman sadie dupuis  has a voice that falls somewhere between tracy bonham and juliana hatfield (IMO) and has a knack for writing awesome lyrics. the band is just so fucking on point musically and lyrically...i haven't heard anyone playing stuff like this this good in years.....every song is amazing.  after a few listens, i'm having no trouble putting this record at the top of the pile for 2013........definate must listen.

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