Sunday, February 17, 2013

permanent night demo (2012)

im back again, first multiple post month this year! yay! anyways, permanent night are a band from louisville who play dark nasty ragged hardcore in the breather resist vein, which is to be somewhat expected of Louisville bands, given BR's high profile and subsequent influence among certain sets.....everything is nice and loud and savage, just the way it should be.......i should've reviewed this a long time back, but things kept comming up and it just sorta got pushed back and pushed back until i forgot about it. in any case this is a hell of a start for any band and im looking forward to hearing more in the future.....its right up there with heemeyer  (a heemeyer/permanent night split would be perfect) in my list of top shelf hardcore thats been released in the past year.....great stuff that id recommend to anyone who loves i loud and heavy.

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