Wednesday, March 28, 2012

capacities - preliminary recording (2012)

its been a month or so since i last posted anything......ive been either sick or busy or depressed.....sometimes all three.......anyways its my birthday and i thought id pick up the slack a little..........what we have here are the first recordings from a NJ/philly area band called capacities....this band was formed from the ashes of black kites and saddest landscape (and perhaps a few others) and plays some pretty good, if not groundbreaking style of emotional hardcore with strong musical ties to the mid-late 90s.........pretty much a throwback to the members past bands (tom was in you and i/assistant/this ship will sink besides the 'kites and one of the other dudes was in the saddest landscape as mentioned before) recorded well and generally intense......the tunes are a bit short and seem to end just as your getting into a groove, but they are hopefully a good indicator of whats to come.......recommended.

capacities - premilinary recording

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