Thursday, October 13, 2011

cloud rat/oily menace/wolbachia split (2011)

so i went through some serious mental shit ok right now, so back to the reviews!

here we have a 3 way split  from 3 up and comming rat/oily menace, both from michigan and known to me for a while now, and wolbachia from winnipeg who i did not know about before hearing this record........anyways cloud rat starts this record off with several song of their patented emotional grind brutality.....somehow not as thick and full sounding as their full length, but still on par with it and amazing overall....ive come to expect excellent work from cloud rat and this is no exception..........the oily menace follows them up with some thick wicked death-grind.....they actually remind me of a rougher, grindier less well produced version of exhumed, gurgly low end vocals n all......lyrics are very political and pro labor...alot like seein red's lyrics........and i love that about this band........excellent music and i hope to see them at some point...........lastly we have wolbachia from canada, who were a revelation for center dischordant grind that dosent sound like anyone else.....maybe dischordance axis meets born against? (that was a shot in the dark) deep-ish  sorta moaned/grunted female vocals that distance this band further from the usual crust-grind milieu that im used to.......i really like what they are doing and i really hope they come out here at some point!  in any case this is an excellent record and highly recommended by this freindly neighborhood blogger.

3 way split

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