Thursday, February 3, 2011

elektrolochmann "whatever the occasion" ep (2003)

back in the late 90s/early 2000s when i was consuming basically every hardcore record that came out of germany, elektrolochmann  were one of the names i'd come accross but because of their supposed "crappy indie rock" leanings, never checked out.......apparently nanouk, drummer of costas cake house was also behind the kit in this band (which hailed from stuttgart...i think) which was otherwise all female.......apparently they all had their fingers in different pies themselves as well.......the singer was/is a screenwriter, one of the others was in fashion and i forgot what the other one did......anyways this is pretty laid back yet noisy math/indie rock that is pretty much at the perfect center between the math and the indie........meaning  not too much noise, yet not too much sappiness either.....a perfect balance you might say.......smooth female vocals remind me alot of the girl from monochrome, the music also is in the monochrome/very late dawnbreed vein.......but overall they sound closest to atombombpocketknife but wayyy more relaxed....(her vocals on "remake my day" even sound like justin sinkovich from ABPK) if this EP is any indication of their overall body of work, im going to have to hunt down the rest of their discography.........

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  1. I only know this band from their split with Petrograd, and they didn't do much for me. I can recommend Petrograd tho, they were great (and I generally don't go for their poppunk type style).