Saturday, December 18, 2010

proudentall "whats happening here?" (2001)

they always knew how to do that mathy. dreamy indie rock stuff right in KC and proudentall was one of the brightest examples of how the bands of that city prefected the formula.....this was their only full length and its much more polished and lacking the raw goosebump-giving energy of their earlier releases, but the emotion at the core of their music remains. most of these tracks are tight and focused with mostly clearly sung vocals over angular rythms that change gradually over the course of the songs......theres even an instrumental in there with a  sax that is sorta reminiscent of sweep the leg johnny........anyways beautiful music, beautiful artwork, good lyrics, not sure if i can find any serious shortcommings with this just sucks that they had to disband after this one....highly recommended.

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