Tuesday, November 16, 2010

zuexeus s/t (1999-2000?)

this was a band made up of members (or maybe one member) of old NC troublemakers captain specky/cornelius..........maybe the most energetic "rockin" hardcore-esque music ive ever heard....this shit is what you feel like after drinking a keg of seattle's best and a few quarts of  koolaid and a can of jolt as  chasers........hyperactive, guitarfucking, pound the shit out of everything rock with truckloads of melody and an energy level through the fucking roof.......i detect a vague star trek obsession through some song titles and the use of a photon torpedo effect in one song....if this really is one guy who played this shit then fuck, hats off to that hyperactive bastard genius cause this shit is commin correct all day......

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